PAPER AIRPLANE offers a diverse range of services that can be combined depending on the needs of our client.

ARCHITECTURAL AND DESIGN SERVICES - We work as the owner's representative and will manage the project, work with a General Contractor and coordinate the project to the final certificate of occupancy. 

DESIGN / BUILD - Within this ideal scenario, we are responsible for the entire project scope for new construction. This allows us to track the process more accurately and make sure our clients' vision becomes a reality from the first sketch to the final built detail. 

PASSIVE HOUSE - We can work as a consultant on your residential or commercial project. We provide conceptual site design services, energy modeling, and certifications services.

FABRICATION - We work directly with you to make custom designs for your home, business or institution.

ART SERVICES- We work with artists, collectors, institutions and municipalities creating site specific projects, producing exhibitions, and managing art collections.