PAPER AIRPLANE will be hosting a week long summer camp (July 16 - July 20) that draws inspiration from the 1914 book, SHELTERS, SHACKS AND SHANTIES written by cofounder of the Boy Scouts of America, D.C. Beard.  

We have partnered with Denver-based independent arts and crafts school THE CRAFTSMAN & THE APPRENTICE to provide a young adults a unique opportunity to spend a week working in our Denver workshop and onsite at our property near Mt. Pisgah, west of the Central City, Colorado. We will be designing and building shelters and structures inspired by Beard's illustrations from materials easily found at the site. Part of the week's activities will also include touring nearby architectural remnants from the 1858 Gold Rush and learning about local ecology in Arapahoe National Forest. 

We are very excited to collaborate with C&A founders, JONATHAN FESSLER and DELANIE HOLTON-FESSLER, in addition to other members of C&A Team.