PAPER AIRPLANE produces projects that uniquely blend artistic methodologies, design practices, building science + technology, and sustainability practices.

Our multi-disciplinary process integrates visual art, design, fabrication and construction management.

We produce buildings, spaces, objects, exhibitions and site specific artworks.

At PAPER AIRPLANE, our commitment is to give shape to the creative thinking of our clients, and to help them determine the best format for actualizing their personal visions.  We provide a museum quality standard for craftsmanship and project execution.  Our approach to each project is holistic, taking into consideration performance and aesthetics, with an awareness of the community and environmental legacy of what we produce.



CONTINUITY: Our approach to design draws from ideas and precedents across history, geography, and cultural origin.  Design methodology synthesizes broad scope of influences to achieve projects that maintain continuity.

PERFORMANCE: Our designs and products are engineered for high performance and longevity, with an emphasis on sustainably sourced materials, and environmentally sustainable systems.

SCALE: We have a Micro/Macro approach to design-build with activities that range in scale from unique environments to “everyday” objects. 

PROJECT DELIVERY: The company principals are involved in each step of a project from conceptualization >>production >> to completion.  

RESEARCH + DISCOURSE: We believe that all good ideas start with an engagement in research and are fully developed through discussion.

PROCESS: Art training and studio practice anchors projects in concept and imaginative thinking, while maintaining a premium on utility, functionality and efficacy.

VERNACULAR: Designs and products are informed by locally occurring conditions and academic traditions.

HANDMADE: Because of company infrastructure, we are able to produce unique handmade products in a range of materials for personal use, or architectural applications